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BCM312 Podcast

Here is my Podcast below (In YouTube format as WordPress didn’t allow audio only, please ignore the pictures)-


I used various journal article and website sources for my Podcast, to make sure that everything is factually correct and that I had asked some engaging topical questions to the participant.

For the first question I used a journal article (Van Baar) that explored polarisation and uncertainty tolerance and asked a question based on the research I gathered.

For the second and third questions, I used a journal article (Bohm) to create the questions about the the class gap and growth in high and low wage occupations, leaving the middle ground behind. The study was more focused on the US, so I had to add an extra note to the question to clarify and separate it from Australia.

The fourth question was about difference in skill sets, which I also sourced from a journal article (Alabdulkareem)

The fifth was from a website on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. I got all of the statistics from there. I then converted it into a question to ask about the workplace.

Lastly, I used another journal article (Dockery and Bawa) to form my question on working from home.

I took the most important aspects from each article or website and incorporated that into my podcast as answers for my guest. All of the questions were around discontent in the workforce, and how these inequalities could cause polarisation. I sought the opinion of another person because I wanted to know how they would resolve or help this issue. The goal was to see if there was a solution or framework to help a workforce become less polarised, by focusing on a broad spectrum of issues that affect people at work.


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Dockery, A., Bawa, S. and Dockery, M. (2014) p 163 -190. AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF LABOUR ECONOMICS, [online] Available at:

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