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VCD102 Blog Post Week 13

Have I met my rationale goals?

My rationale states that it will “encourage children to be invested in mythical animals and encourage creativity“. At the moment, it is lacking in creativity as it is on a solid grid formation and is a simple point and click to get to your destination. There’s no exciting interactivity or spectacle for kids to ‘latch’ on to. I would need to create more interesting pages for kids.

Do I need to improve some points of my rationale?

However, I also note in the rationale that “I want to make people feel grounded and organised- much like a museum.“. This also ties in with the grid formation, and the museum is organised well enough for people of all ages to scroll through. I can easily access different sections of the website because of its simplicity.

Issues of usability and structure/ concept

My issue of is now is to have the site simple enough to use but also attract kids that may be using it to want to go to the museum. The concepts can clash together, but they can be made to work by only making certain pages have eye-catching features, like a screen-wide image of one of the exhibits to introduce it, instead of just text and details.

What did I underdevelop?

I underdeveloped the actual site structure, and the theme of the site itself seems messy, so it needs refinement in terms of layout and adding/altering colours in it. I didn’t put much thought into the headings for the website, and some terms might seem different from what is expected of those pages. I also wasn’t very good at coming up with variations of layouts for both the mobile and website design, and I needed to create more sketches to flesh out the idea better.

My website layout

What did I do well?

For my Major Project, I was very happy about the concept, and I had a clear idea of how the physical location looked in my mind. In the design process, I was happy that I used a grid structure for my website, as it fits the theme of museums, as every museum I had referenced has had simple navigation and accessibility to find when that person needs. Unlike other types of websites promising to sell a grand experience or event, museums are relatively structured and organised more factually.

The logo has been one of my favourites that I have created. I created two logos- A full version showcasing heraldry, and a simple version for websites, and they complement each other well, and are distinctive.

What I didn’t do well

My tutor wasn’t impressed by the way that I drew the wireframe, which is the borders around the website and images to give it a drawn and drafted look. The templates and frames were all made in Autodesk Sketchbook, when it was recommended to be made in Illustrator or another Adobe program.

The templates in Autodesk Sketchbook

It is also a hassle to go back and forth between programs to resize or redo something if it goes wrong. It’s also hard to place when resizing the page, as everything underneath it, like text and colour effects, have to be moved according to the size of the wire frame.

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