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The Witcher 3: Exploring Gwent

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Gwent is also a separate stand-alone digital card game made in 2018. That is not the version that I am doing, I am only focusing on Gwent inside the Witcher 3, which released in 2015. Gwent was originally intended as a mini card game within the Witcher 3, but they expanded to a digital card game in 2018 after positive reception. The standalone Gwent even has its own single player mode.

There are other mini games in previous Witcher titles, such as Dice Poker, but it relied mostly on luck and the CD Project Red team wanted to push it further for the sequel. Thus Gwent was born. The idea of a card game within a game was nearly shelved several times but made it. There The team had to create most Gwent on their downtime as there wasn’t enough budget and had to get help from other…

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