BCM 215 Blog Comments

My Comment for Lorena Farrera’s Blog

For Lorena’s woman video game portrayal, I focused on giving her new information, such as an article that talks about masculinity. I also offered some points of contention, such as her using Animal Crossing for her DA, as I felt they weren’t representative of gender. I learned from Lorena’s video that there is a long history of women and men being shafted into traditional gender roles and how that us only starting to change nowadays.

I might have debated about Animal Crossing too much, and should have focused on giving more positive feedback to balance that out. Her DA helped me learn that women in video games is a bigger issue than I thought (I forgot about Tomb Raider).

My comment for Jono Low’s Blog

Jono had an interesting premise with Easter Eggs. I gave him an article about game delveopers and how hard it was to fit them into the actual game. I tried to offer points he might not have thought about, such as a generation of people knowing what an Easter egg is. it was fascinating knowing how far back Easter eggs go in videogames.

I think my suggestions were useful, but I could have been more specific about my comments and in-depth about my reasonings. I also repeat myself sometimes.

My comment for Ashlan Rose’s Blog

This was interesting to comment on since Ashlan wasn’t familiar with video games. I asked her what her focus was going to be. Did she want to focus on one thing or everything? Since marketing is different depending on platform. I gave her an article that would focus on statistics, since she comes from a marketing background, and I thought it would be useful.

I could have asked less questions in my blog post, I feel like I was also quite repetitive here. After looking at her DA, I saw that she was organised and her organisation made me feel more confident about outlining my own DA.

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