Media Niche- Kpop in JYP

My media niche is kpop, and I wanted to explore how kpop groups promote themselves online. I want to know how different groups within the same company can differ in promotion methods. The online promotions include social media posts, such as M/V Teasers, Photo Teasers and Group Teasers. These are usually posted on Twitter and Instagram, with YouTube being used for M/V Teasers. Kpop groups will typically release various teasers to gain attention before release. But this strategy can vary wildly between groups, even within the same company. I will be observing and analysing JYP and their artists, TWICE, GOT7, DAY6, STRAY KIDS and ITZY.

Exploring the social media that they use, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and VLive will help me collect data. As well as looking at album and merchandise sales will provide an interesting look into the management of kpop groups.

JYPE’s artists are aimed at slightly different demographics and I wanted to know if that had an effect on promotion. Is this more favourable to popular groups like TWICE?

My goal with this media niche is to show how well of an oiled machine kpop is, and how different it is to the western concept of ‘promoting’. This is aimed at non-kpop fans that have no experience with how a kpop promotional period works. I would like them to take an interest in how different kpop is from the American promotions.

This is more of a cross-section of how typical Korean idol promotions work, as the ‘Big 3’ (SM, JYP and YG) typically have a set promotion period. I won’t do any large outliers like BTS because since they are so popular, their promotional strategy has varied.

My research plan-

I will gather this information by looking though social media each week and seeing what each group is targeted towards. Do they have positive comments? Negative? What are their posts designed to look like artistically? How often do they interact with the commenters?

After doing this, I will sum it up into a short blog post about my findings for each week and then consolidate that into one large blog post at the end of this subject for my DA, outlining the differences and nuances between each kpop group and how they are treated for promotions.


Week 3- Research history of JYPE

Week 4- Look at TWICE with promotions (Social Media- Fan interactions, frequency/ length of post/videos, likes etc.)

Week 5- Look at GOT7 with promotions

Week 6- Look at DAY6 with promotions

Week 7- Look at STRAY KIDS with promotions

Week 8- Look at ITZY with promotions

Week 9- Evaluate the use of VLive (Kpop streaming and the comments underneath as well as views)

Week 10- Evaluate Western promotions in comparison (Ariana Grande etc.)

Week 11- Compare all JYP groups and summarise promotions + differences from the west

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