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CAOS 202 Week 9

This week was very interesting as we had a guest speaker come in- Pat Grant (Insta – @Patgrantart). He showed us his drawing process and how he made his watercolour comic. He was very good to talk to and had many projects, he wanted to tell the story of his own world and did that through a very cartoonish western comics style.

After that, we had presentations, and Denise did most of it. We talked about our idea of quotes, goals etc. and we got lots of feedback! Here is some of the feedback we got. (Denise’s comment from Messenger)

-images linked with txt (think of the task we did in the second week)

– colour the diary

– make it a physical product and prototype (research whether it works for the active process)

– research the happy diary concept (psychologists and graphic design)

– process and roles very organised don’t be afraid of having something unexpected

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