CAOS 202 Week 8

It was the first week back after break and we all immediately split into groups that Professor Ihlein made out of a hat. I was placed with Ash and Denise, who are very nice to work with so far.

Today we discussed several ideas of interest around the next theme for the assessment, Unleashed , such as a drinking board game around the concept of drinking ‘unleashing your inner self’ or about animals in cages of some sort. We ruminated a bit, and shared ideas with other groups, but it was only when Denise shared her experience with a bad group project that she was in and the ‘anxiety’ it caused her, our idea clicked. We focused on the theme of anxiety and decided to turn that into a positive experience by having a diary that would have 52 quotes of inspiration, goals and reflection.

My role in the group is to get those 52 quotes of inspiration, mostly from other famous people and places and apply them to the diary. I will then add them and have small illustrations at the bottom for artistic flair.

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