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Written Concept for CAOS202

My Project for In-Between started when I first found the 5 words and images at the beginning of the semester. I had chosen words with a meaning that can relate to animals, such as ‘reverberate’ and ‘shriek’. I found images of animals that fit the words, and the idea to have a poem from animals and how diverse they are between humans and other animals. This project is not really a personal statement, but an observation on how large the world is, and how there is a world of difference between a mouse and elephant. It explores all the extremes that animals live in, and the depth of variation.

I have not written a poem before, so I stuck to a simple rhyming scheme that people would remember. I chose some words based off the 5 words and images task that we had been given in week 1. After that, I decided that I would draw images on my tablet relating to the poem. I drew seven total images relating to the poem, and thought they should just be static images next to each other. The professor, Lucas Ihlein, suggested that I put it into a picture book format. I heeded that advice and now it will function as an online book. The images will be posted on Instagram as a series of images on my art account. It will have the form of a story to my audience.¬† This allows my audience to experience and see all of the ‘in-between’ animals. The images are all meant to invoke the feeling of the wide open world, and how vast it is with the various images. There is much we don’t know about animals, and I thought this project was a good example to show just how many organisms exist on planet earth.

My art Instagram where I posted it –


How alike we are, yet so far

We are small and big

Animals that can swim and dig

Beasts that can unleash a mighty roar

And can bring their killer instincts to the fore

Little creatures can be skittish and timid

But also loud and vivid

Those that swim in the sea

And others that swing on trees

There are those that thrive in the open wilderness

And others that enjoy the dark caves slipperiness

We are all so different

But to our environments we adapt, so efficient

And so we are the same

But all with different names

How alike we are, yet so far

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