Digital Artefact for BCM114!

So for my DA, I have decided to do an Instagram and Twitter based Art Profile called @AmelysArt. I will engage with my followers and see if I can curate my artworks for a certain audience and ask them what type of drawings, they prefer from me. I will evaluate my followers’ feedback through Instagram Polls and Twitter and see if there is a noticeable difference in activity when I draw in a certain style or when I draw humans or animals. I will post daily Instagram Stories for engagement and also post weekly memes on Twitter to check engagement. The purpose of this to make my profile more appealing to people so that they would want to follow my account, as well as share it with other people. I have had this account for around 4 years and interacting with followers will help me decide what direction to go next!

Account belongs to @toeribble on Instagram
Account belongs to @finchwing on Instagram

The two images above are examples of Instagram accounts that digital artists follow, and how their content is geared towards a more specific audience, such as ‘anime style’ art, or ‘cartoony animals’, that have an appeal to a certain group of people, rather than trying to do everything at once.

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